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How I ‘see’ the coolest part of NZ

How I ‘see’ the coolest part of NZ

The rugged south island of NZ.. this road not normally seen.

What physical scene do you connect with NZ?. Bungy jumping near Queenstown?, the Sky Tower in Auckland? , sun drenched beaches with no one on them?…The Haka?, The All Blacks?, the Silver fern?. I guess for me it is the so called ‘outdoors’

Track County

The two photos above are taken about 20 kilometres from Queenstown. My youngest brother knows where the key is hidden that unlocks the gate that allows access to a genuine high country sheep station. This is NZ as it must have been 150 years go. I love the rugged West Coast, the beautiful South Island East Coast. It is the most amazing road to drive along. But but but, it is the Central Otago ‘back country’ that really ‘floats my boat.’ It more than the solitude. Its true that Otago is about the same size of Holland with the total population of Otago less than half of Amsterdam’s, so the reality is that you’re less likely to bump into somebody. Now the photo underneath is smack bang in the middle of the part of Central Otago that I’d just love to live in. At this stage I cant get buy in from other ‘interested’ parties, but I’m working on it. This is The Ida Valley. It is so quiet there you can hear it. No wonder artist Grahame Sydney lives there. It is so beautiful you can feel it, and so far away from the ‘big smoke’ that it really still feels as if you are the only person watching.

The Ida Valley, Central Otago, NZ

So this is my NZ. The part of the country I’d show visitors. Its different from the vineyards, the jet boats, the trendy cafes, and the touristy hotspots ( as lovely as they are). The closest it gets to The All Blacks is that Andrew Hore has a farm in Central, Anton Oliver is a fan and you can watch the games on Sky. .

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